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I love hearing from you, joining you on your energetic journey, and offering assistance with your challenges and desires.

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The SimpleTools™ MindMap is a FREE set of simple energy tools which help you be a conscious, intentional creator of your world.

Once you've listened to the audio, you can integrate this set of tools into your daily life seamlessly... anytime... anywhere.




Grasping the definition of an activation, or the expected experience of an activation can be challenging.  As we've said before, everyone's activation, or healing experience, will be different.

The questions below are just a few of those that come directly from our subscribers.  Thanks for your support.

  • Where did these Angel Activations come from?
    Once upon a time, while sitting minding her own business, Nancy was presented with visions in the center of her head as clear and bright as an HD movie. She was instructed to turn on the recorder and go with the flow. The result is this collection of quantum energy healings from the archangels.
  • Exactly what do i get with these Activations?
    Your chosen Activation Package includes the following: • the Archangel Activation [audio file] • the Archangel Bio • the numeric Quantum Healing Code for your archangel along with installation instructions [audio file] • the Quantum Sound Healing Code for your archangel along with installation instructions [audio file] • Intro to Energy instructional meditation [audio file] • Archangel Sandalphon Activation Package
  • Do I need to do the Activations in any particular order?
    Sandalphon that was the first ArchAngel to come through and deliver an activation, therefore Sandalphon's activation should be done FIRST. His main job is to clear the communication of asking and receiving. Therefore the Sandalphon activation is included for free with all other Archangel activations. Use your intuition to 'feel' which Archangel is waiting to send you a healing... then choose that one. Follow your heart.
  • What if I'm not religious... can I still do the Activations?
    YES... Archangels are high-level love-based beings who are not connected to any particular religious system. Their chosen 'work' is to assist human-kind in navigating this 'reality' we call 'life'... when we call on them. Beyond that, there is no agenda. This work and the activations included herein are totally non-denominational. I have clients from all different faith-based practices, and no practice at all, who have benefited from these activations.
  • What should I expect from these Activations?
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  • What is an Angel Activation?
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