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About Nancy
Nancy Allen - Founder, Energy Trainer:, & Neo-Alchemy Energy Circus

Nancy is a clairvoyant, healer, & veteran audio engineer/ educator with 27+ years of experience.

Her ability to deliver energetic concepts in a totally understandable manner makes her THE go-to instructor.

No hippie trippy stuff here… just common-sense spirituality for the 21st Century.

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My energetic journey began in 1991 when a string of  seemingly unrelated 'coincidences' led me to attend a Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles.  I didn't know what that was, but i was being 'dogged' by 'random' conversations, billboards, radio ads, and flyers all pointing me to attend this event... So I did.

The only thing I ever had to do with metaphysics were readings at the county fair…. but I went and was paired up with this gal in a “talk to your animals” workshop… and she was so intuitive but she was so normal …

She was just a regular gal who I ended up running into later at one of the booths that she was running for The Anaheim Psychic Institute…  which was specifically one of the things that came up during that week that I was getting messages to go to this whole life Expo…

So I had an energy healing from her… didn’t know what that was…. Didn’t know what to expect…. And it was the most life-changing waving of arms that I had ever experienced….. it looked like she was just standing there with her hands up… and I felt like I was jumping out of an airplane…. I felt Hot…. Cold…. Emotions …. up-and-down… all-around.. spinning dizzy.. it was freaking crazy….. and I said "well how do I learn to do that" because my pains had disappeared….

She said do you want a reading…. and I go OK….. so I had a reading from these twins…. And they were laughing… and they were normal… so down to earth …. so I went ahead and signed up for their first course which was a meditation 1 class....  and I’m thinking OK I’ve never done well sitting quietly…  my mind is always on… but I go.    I walk in to this class and there are chairs... and we just sat in chairs with our eyes closed and we follow this list of instructions that they gave us as we sat there…. and my life changed… for the better.  We were learning how to manage our energy.

I continued to take other advanced courses…. and brought everything that I had learned back to my audio students …. and my pro audio clients… to teach them how to manage their energy when they’re in the studio with other artists & musicians…

The Archangel Activations began to come while I was designing and setting up an energy training Program called "Simple Tools for Surviving a Chaotic World" ... GROUNDING 20/20... with a gal I met in the Psychic Institute.  It's been a magical ride.

I hope you get as much benefit as I have.
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